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Dango helps bring you new business
Every day Dango helps businesses grow in size by ensuring their contests and giveaways get exposure to thousands of potential site visitors, entrants and paying customers. Find out where they come from below:
Collaborative Giveaways
Have your collaborators bring new audience using Dango's automated features.
Social Media
Giveaways are randomly selected and added to Dango's Facebook and Twitter pages.
Exposure to 35K subscribers
Giveaways are included in the newsletters to Dango's subscriber base of 35,000 people.
Prioritized placement
Your giveaway is featured to entrants from within other giveaways on Dango.
Guaranteed posts
Your giveaways are guaranteed to be posted on all of Dango's Social Media channels.
This week an average giveaway has been exposed
to "14667" entrants
Viral Entries
Reward users with extra entry points for each friend they refer.
Display your giveaway as a widget on your website, as well as your Facebook page.
Twitter Entries
Reward users with extra entry points for spreading the word about your giveaway via Twitter.
Edit via Facebook
Have the option to access your giveaway modification page straight from your Facebook page.
User Engagement
Engage with your existing fans by running a giveaway and gain new ones as a result!
Easily Customised
Customise your giveaway in a user-friendly way. No need to use external sites or HTML code.
How it works
Pick a prize
This can be any item or service you wish!
Create the giveaway
Use our easy app builder to generate a giveaway. Add it straight onto your Facebook Fan page or your site.
Watch growth
Users are incentivized to invite their friends to enter the giveaway too.
Checking Login Status
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