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Your giveaway created and maintained for you
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Everything is automatically managed - start to end
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Higher efficiency, better results guaranteed
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Automate a giveaway now!
Giveaways are created for you.
The Giveaway Automation feature is designed to completely take the stress out of creating or running your giveaways. Instead we get in touch with you to find out what you’re after in terms of your growth and we create the giveaway which will be best fitted for your needs. Once the giveaway is created all you do is look over it and approve it and it goes live! While it’s live, you never have to worry about advertising it anywhere on your social media - this is all done for you - during the entire giveaway!
Managed completely start to end.
You don’t need to worry about managing the giveaway during it’s life span. You’re welcome to give it additional promotion via your social channels (Instagram, Newsletters etc) but this is not necessary. We advertise the giveaway for you to the existing Dango Audience and we can also advertise the giveaway to your audience via your Facebook Page. This can be automated using Dango’s existing ‘Schedule Posts’ feature where you approve the posts that Dango generates for you once and they are automatically posted to your FB page during the most efficient times.
Better results are guaranteed.
When we set the giveaway up for you we find out what you’d like to gain out of creating this giveaway. Are you looking to grow your Newsletter Subscriber list? Increase site traffic, Facebook engagement, Instagram followers? A combination of above, or something entirely different? Whichever it is, we set a specific, measurable benchmark for you that you’re happy with. If for whatever reason this benchmark is not exceeded at the end of the giveaway there are no fees that you’ll have to pay for this service! No results - no fees!
Still need more info? Request a callback and we’ll get in touch with you within 12 hours and answer all your questions!
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