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After you get going we will get in touch within 24 hours and figure out a prize and a giveaway that suits your needs. We will also figure out a metric by which you measure the giveaway’s success and how these metrics should measure up for the membership to be worthwhile for you plan out a giveaway will be created for you. From here on you get to sit back and relax - a giveaway will be created for you and if you approve it then it will go live. There will be no more work for you - if by the end of the giveaway, it doesn’t reach te goals we set out - you get all your money back for the service!
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The membership costs $27.99 per month and can be cancelled at any time - no contracts or terms. In the event you don’t reach your targets you will be refunded the amount in full. One automated giveaway will be started for you per month. You can also start any number of giveaways on your own as a premium user while your remain active on this membership.
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