Troubleshooting and FAQ
Weekly Newsletters: What are they?
Dango sends a newsletter to our subscribers on a weekly basis. If you purchase an available slot in the newsletter your giveaway will be featured in one of our newsletters while your giveaway is still running. Different slots in the newsletter receive different click-through rates and as such, are priced accordingly. You can request to have a copy of the newsletter sent to you. For more information please contact us we usually write back within a few hours!
Why does the Facebook App ask me for my Email/Profile Information and Friends list?
Dango receives and stores the minimal amount of information that it needs to be functional - that is your Name, email address, unique user ID and your Fanpage ID. With the current way Facebook works, Dango is forced to ask you permission for additional data such as Friends List (names of your friends). Although such information is redundant there's currently no way to stop this permission from popping up. No information (other than what was mentioned at the start) is looked at, accessed or stored. Dango will also never post any notifications or post anything to your Facebook account on your behalf. For more information on this see our 'Information Collected by Dango' page.
Installing a giveaway onto my Facebook Page
After creating your giveaway there's an 'INSTALL ON FACEBOOK' button which can be used to install the giveaway on your page. You can install the same giveaway onto multiple pages (e.g. if you have collaborators or if you own more than one page).
Uploading your image
If you have encountered problems uploading your image, please check that its filesize is below 1.5mb. Dango imposes this limit to ensure the images are loaded fast enough if the user browsing the giveaway on a mobile device.
How do collaborative giveaways work?
Collaborative giveaways allow other businesses to join in on the giveaway. You can specify the URL of their Facebook pages and they will appear on the giveaway as extra (but non-mandatory entry options). If people choose to Like their fan pages from the giveaway they will earn extra bonus points. Collaborators can even install the giveaway on their own blogs or Facebook pages! Just pass them the 'Collaborative Link' which you will be given once your giveaway is created.
I've added a fanpage as a collaborator, but it's not showing up on the giveaway.
If you are creating a collaborative giveaway, a list of your collaborators is created with a 'Like' button next to them. Occasionally one or two of the collaborators names may not show up on the list. Most of the time this happens because these collaborators have got 'Country Restrictions' added to their fan page, and only users from certain countries are able to access that page. It's advisable to remove these country restrictions during the giveaway so that Dango can see the page. To do this, firstly use Facebook as your page. Next click the Update Page button. Next, click the 'Settings' tab and you'll see the 'Country Restrictions' option there.
I've updated my image and it has updated on the giveaway. But when I paste the link on FB the old image still pops up.
Although your giveaway image was updated, Facebook caches your old image. To update the image which comes up on Facebook after you post a link, head to this page. Copy/Paste your link and hit 'Debug'. After this your image will be updated.
How do I pick the winner?
Picking the winner is simple! Once your giveaway is over, you can either do this from the Admin Section (by clicking 'My Giveaways' at the top on the website) or straight from the giveaway itself. Dango generates a winner randomly. Random number generation is powered by random.org. You can even view the winner's profile and if necessary picking a new winner before confirming them as such.
Will Dango email the winner automatically?
No. Dango does not contact the users on your behalf. Once you have picked your winner it is up to you to either contact them via email (which you will be given) or via Facebook.
Can I modify my giveaway even if it's already running?
You certainly can! If the giveaway is open for entries the giveaway can be modified at any time (with the exception of a few aspects such as T&C's and Start Date). If the giveaway has been created but not yet started, all aspects of the giveaway can be modified. To modify your giveaway, head to the 'My Giveaways' section and click 'Edit' next to your giveaway.
My entrants say they cannot enter the giveaway.
If your entrants tell you they are unable to enter the giveaway - please let us know about this! Make sure you specify the giveaway in question, name of the entrant and preferably, what browser they are using. We will get back to you with some kind of a resolution promptly.
My giveaway is taking a long time to load.
One of the reasons can be the giveaway image size. Dango reccomends using images for your giveaways which are below 1.5Mb. If your image is significantly larger, load times can be compromised. If your image is below 1.5Mb but the giveaway loads slowly anyway, please let us know so that we can take a look at your giveaway for you.
I'm participating in a giveaway as a collaborator but cannot add the giveaway tab to my fanpage.
If you were added as a collaborator to a giveaway check that the Dango tab isn't currently installed on your page (incase you've used it in the past). If it's currently installed you will need to remove it before adding the new giveaway. If it isn't installed but you are still having issues please contact us.
I have an issue that is not covered here.
Although we try our best to weed out any issues that pop up on the site, occasionally something unprecedented will come up. If you find yourself having issues which were not described here, please let us know about it. We will get back to you promptly!
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